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4 Post car lift Installation

I purchased this lift for 2 reasons; I need to store 2 vehicles, and I wanted the ability to work on my vehicles. This lift is an extended height version to allow for taller vehicles below the ramps. A cool feature of 4 post lifts is that you do not need to bolt it down to the floor. Also, I can use the roller options to move the lift around, or outside if needed. Keep in mind, if you need to remove your tires, you actually still need to use an additional jack. You can rig one up, or spend another $1000 on a center lift. See what that looks like here:

One thing that keeps the cost of this lift on the lower side is the locking mechanism. In order to lower the lift, you need to manually pull a lever to release the safety latches on all 4 posts. For a shop that is moving the lift up and down regularly, this can be a nuisance, so the lifts they typically use are pneumatic release, rather than manual. A BENDPACK brand lift is typical of what you would see in a PRO shop. Check it out here:

I added some LED lighting to the lower side of the lift. The LED's are impressively bright and they did stick very well to the painted surface. I can now work on the car without shadows. Here are the lights I used:

The lift was purchased from ASE Deals in Connecticut. They offer all kids of lifts and were very helpful in helping me choose the right one for my needs. I chose to have the lift professionally installed, seeing as how the was going to be a fair amount of money in cars stored on it and over it. After watching the install, I am glad I paid for it. This is all they do, and are very proficient at it. THE LIFT GUYS are out of Meriden CT and can be found on facebook here.

This lift is the ASEplatinum WH8K-DX-XLT Four Post Lift. It cost me $4000 in august of 2021. The PRO install was an additional $600. It may sound expensive for vehicle storage in a garage, but the monthly fee of auto storage will quickly surpass that cost.


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